__80 years of experience

O-motion compression and sport is part of Ofa Bamberg GmbH, one of the leading producers of medical compression socks and bandages for specialist medical suppliers and pharmacies.

The company was founded in 1928 in Zeulenroda, Th├╝ringen, Germany. The head office and production have been in Bamberg, Bavaria for over 60 years. In Germany, in order to be approved for use in vein therapy and funded by the health insurance system, compression socks have to fulfill very strict quality standards. These standards are checked and maintained by a seal of quality called RAL. RAL approves all medical compression socks in Bamberg.


Ofa headquarters in Bamberg

Ofa Bamberg has many years of experience in the production of therapeutic medical products, producing high quality prophylaxis products. The Gilofa 2000 travel socks, which are highly regarded by both business and leisure frequent flyers, have been a best seller for years. The advantages of compression for healthy sportsmen and women have long been recognized in Bamberg and appropriate products sold to specialist medical suppliers.
Our quality products, produced in Bamberg, are used and highly regarded not just in Germany but also worldwide.  Ofa Bamberg has maintained branches and foreign distributers for many years in several European countries and beyond. For example, the Gilofa 2000 travel socks have long been a popular favourite in Japan.
The area of operations 'O-motion' was founded in 2008, in order to spread the advantages of real compression in sports to a wider public. As a result, O-motion compression and sport is not only available in pharmacies and specialist medical suppliers, but also in sports shops.

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