__Medical Background

O-motion compression sports socks have the following advantages:


  • stimulate the blood circulation
  • increase performance through a better oxygen supply
  • aid in regeneration
  • help to stabilize the muscles
  • reduce muscle vibration
  • improve proprioception
  • help prevent injury

In order to achieve these aims two of the properties of the sports compression socks are of prime importance:

__Compression Pressure

The aim of compression socks is to improve the supply of oxygen-enriched blood to the muscles. How is this achieved? In order to understand this one must know the effect of medical compression on the body and the blood circulatory system.

__The Compression Gradient

As well as the strength of compression pressure, the correct pressure gradient is essential. The blood needs to be transported out of the calf back to the heart - against the pressure of gravity.

Therefore, the pressure needs to be strongest at the ankle (the furthest point of the calf from the heart) and to drop off gradually as it goes upwards.